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Finding Veterans Addiction Help in 3 Steps | Holland Pathways Wichita

Veterans in need of rehab have more options than the VA. If you are struggling with mental health and substance use — or know someone who is — finding veterans addiction help doesn’t have to mean just going to your local hospital. Here are three steps to finding addiction treatment for veterans that you might not know.

Veterans Addiction Help Step 1: Understanding Addiction 

Today, medical professionals around the world accept that substance use disorder and alcohol use disorder are chronic, progressive, diseases of the brain. Individuals with both mild and severe cases deserve professional treatment. Modern addiction treatment is not just focused on abstinence (quitting drugs or alcohol). Instead, it’s dedicated to finding and healing the underlying causes of that substance use, so that the patient can stay clean and sober for the long term, without having to resort to other unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

This is especially true of veterans. Our vets suffer from mental health challenges much more frequently than civilians due to their experiences in service or in combat. Substance use disorders are often just the surface-level symptom of that deeper pain — and the desperate need to numb it. 

Veterans Addiction Help Step 2: Understanding Addiction Treatment for Veterans

In addiction treatment for veterans, you or your loved one will be supported in learning what exactly is driving your behavior, and how you can find peace and stability in recovery. The exact shape of that varies from individual to individual. Upon arrival at residential addiction treatment, each client meets with an intake team that will ask questions about their life, substance use history, challenges, and goals. From there, the clinical team will develop an appropriate treatment plan that is customized to the client. 

The treatment plan may start with detox and withdrawal management, depending on the nature of the substance use. At Holland Pathways, our medically managed detox program is located on site at our Wichita campus, making the transition to treatment after detox easy and smooth. Clients begin to meet with our team as appropriate during the detox period, beginning to develop relationships of trust that will help guide them in early recovery.

From there, the true essence of drug or alcohol rehab for veterans will begin. Each day includes a variety of treatments meant to holistically address each client’s challenges and needs. A typical day might include one-on-one counseling, group therapy with other vets, relapse prevention class, music therapy, or innovative treatments like CBT (cognitive behavior therapy).

In between sessions, there is plenty of time to rest, process, and build relationships with your fellow residents — many of whom may be veterans, just like you. You might want to sit and listen to music, hang out with Finnley, our therapy dog, or shoot hoops on the basketball court. Whatever you do, it’s all part of the path to healing from addiction.

Veterans Addiction Help Step 3: Paying for Veterans Addiction Treatment

Veterans addiction treatment can be affordable even if you don’t use VA benefits. Supplemental benefits like TRICARE, Humana Military, or other national insurance providers may pay for all of or some of your residential addiction treatment for veterans. If you’re interested in learning what rehab for veterans could look like for you or a loved one, call our caring team or send a chat. When you’re ready, we’ll be here with the information and guidance you need to move forward: from verifying your benefits to answering questions about aftercare. The path to a new life starts today.