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Do I have Alcohol Rehab Insurance? Understanding Blue Cross Blue Shield Coverage

When you decide to get help for your alcoholism, you might not know where to turn. Do you head to an alcoholic anonymous meeting? Do you ask someone else what to do? Do you quit your job? What do you tell your family? How difficult will it be? What does my future hold?

Those are all understandable feelings and some ways to slow your addiction to alcohol.

But many with an alcohol use disorder need to consider rehab treatment to break the cycle of addiction. That can seem scary at first thought, but it does not have to be. Alcohol rehab is a way for people to get the support they need to start their recovery that will last their lifetime. There are people who care about you and want to assist in the effort to start a sober life.

Some alcoholics will wonder about paying for rehab and how much it might cost. The good news is that many health insurance providers will help cover the cost of alcohol rehab. They will help pay so you can get the help you need and start the road to recovery. That includes Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health insurance.

What Is Covered By BC/BS?

Federal law requires health insurance providers to help pay for the cost of alcohol rehab, and that is true for BC/BS. The health insurance provider, which many of us have through our work, will help foot the bill for alcohol addiction treatment.

But the big thing to remember is that there is no universal amount Blue Cross/Blue Shield will pay. The coverage depends on where a person lives and their type of plan. Each plan is a bit different, so they might not all cover the same amount.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance will help pay for various aspects of alcohol treatment. That includes detox, where alcohol is safely removed from a person’s system under the care of a medical professional. That way the person is ready to start the recovery process.

BC/BS will also help cover alcohol rehab that is inpatient, which is where the person lives at the facility while attending counseling and therapy sessions. The insurance will also help pay for outpatient care, where a person receives treatment at a facility but returns home at the end of the day.

Finally, Blue Cross/Blue Shield will also help pay for ongoing care after rehab. That way you can continue to get the support you need after you complete the work at a care center.

Where To Find Help?

If you are ready to enter alcohol rehab, BC/BS offers a webpage with information about the process. It also has a section where you can enter your plan information and it shows providers that are nearby and take your health insurance. That way, you know exactly what your cost will be before heading to rehab.

You can also reach out to our staff at Holland Pathway. They can talk to you about your alcoholism and start the road to recovery. Our counselors can also discuss using Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance to pay for alcohol rehab.