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Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Pay for Drug Rehab?

When drugs take hold of a person’s life, it can be scary. For the person, it can be scary to lose control and want nothing but the high from drugs. For their family, it can be scary to see a loved one fall victim to the cycle of addiction.

When an addict is ready to break the addiction, that can be scary as well. They worry about falling back into habits and what it takes to start a life a sobriety. They also worry about the cost of receiving care.

The good news is that for employees with drug addiction, many companies pay for rehab insurance. Most major providers will help offset the cost, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Drug Abuse By The Numbers

For many people in Kansas, like much of the nation, drug use is more common than many believe. Often those facing addiction can be your neighbor, your coworker or yourself. It is a disease that doesn’t care about a person’s background.

In Kansas, about 6.71% of people said they used an illicit drug in the last month, according to federal data. That is slightly below the national average of 8.82%.

Overall, about 2.5% of adults in Kansas reported a drug abuse disorder, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. That amounts to roughly 50,000 people in the state with a drug use disorder.

Paying For Drug Rehab

Many workers in Kansas carry Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance and the provider will help offset the cost of rehab for drugs.

It is best to contact Blue Cross/Blue Shield to learn more about your plan and exactly what services would be covered. The amount covered or the type of services provider will be determined by the person’s plans.

There are many types of treatment options and facilities, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield can help at a variety of drug rehab centers. That includes inpatient care, where a person lives at the facility, and outpatient care, where the person heads home for the day.

The insurance provider can also help pay for services such as detox, sober living homes and residential care.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield also offers a website with information about starting the road to recovery and links to help find treatment options. The website also has information about drug treatment, drug abuse and getting help for anyone, no matter their insurance provider.

Get Help Today

If you are ready to take the next step and break the cycle of drug addiction, reach out to our staff at Holland Pathways today. They can provide more information about drug rehab and Blue Cross/Blue Shield drug rehab options.