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What Happens In Rehab? A Guide for Families

Entering rehab is a significant and often uncertain step for those battling addiction. Understanding what happens during this treatment can alleviate concerns and provide reassurance for families and clients alike. At Holland Pathways, a leading addiction treatment center in Wichita, Kansas, we believe the journey to recovery should be comprehensive, personalized, and compassionate. Here’s an in-depth look at what you can expect.


Initial Assessment & Detox


Upon arrival, every client undergoes a detailed assessment with our treatment team to create a personalized care plan. If needed, a medically-monitored detox protocol helps manage withdrawal symptoms safely and comfortably. This first step ensures that you are physically prepared for the therapeutic journey ahead.


Residential Treatment


The core of the rehab experience at Holland Pathways is our 30-day residential program. This immersive program includes a variety of therapies designed to address the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of addiction:

The structured environment allows individuals to focus entirely on their recovery, free from external pressures and distractions.


Holistic Therapies & Activities


Recognizing that recovery is not just about stopping substance use but also about overall well-being, Holland Pathways incorporates holistic therapies into our programs. Activities like yoga, mindfulness practices, and physical exercise are integral parts of the daily routine. These practices help restore balance to the mind and body, fostering long-term health and resilience.


Family Involvement


Addiction is a family disease and working with the family unit is often a critical part of recovery. Holland Pathways encourages family participation through counseling sessions and educational programs. These resources help families understand the dynamics of addiction, improve communication, and rebuild trust. Family involvement not only supports the individual in treatment but also helps heal the family unit as a whole.


Aftercare & Support


Recovery doesn’t end after the residential program. We provide robust aftercare options to ensure continued support:

  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): Provides intensive treatment while allowing individuals to return home at night.

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): Provides structured support while enabling individuals to resume daily activities.

  • Outpatient Services: Offers ongoing therapy and support groups to maintain sobriety.

These programs help individuals transition smoothly back into their everyday lives while maintaining the support network crucial for sustained recovery.


Specialized Programs for Veterans


Understanding the unique challenges faced by veterans, Holland Pathways offers specialized programs tailored to their needs. These programs provide targeted support and therapy, addressing both the trauma and addiction aspects to promote holistic healing.


Find Out More


Understanding the rehab process can alleviate the concerns and uncertainties that families may have. At Holland Pathways, individuals receive compassionate, comprehensive care that not only addresses their addiction but also promotes overall well-being. Learn more about how to get started by contacting us today.