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Addiction Rehab vs. 12 Step Programs: What’s Better for Alcohol Abuse Treatment?

When we are ready to end our addiction to alcohol, it can be a time filled with many questions. One of the biggest is choosing a support system or treatment options to end our addiction to alcohol. It can seem like there are so many and different types. It can be difficult to determine which one fits our needs the best.

There are rehab options, where medical and counseling staff help us through the process of detox and start the road to recovery. They provide excellent support to help us in the early days of our journey to sobriety.

There are also 12-step programs. These too offer support to those suffering from an alcohol addiction, just in a different way. They want to help us start the journey to sobriety.

Either one can help us break the bonds of our addiction and get started on the road to recovery.

12-Step Program

Many people will turn to 12-step programs, such as Alcohol Anonymous, to help break the cycle of addiction. In these programs, fellow addicts will provide support and guidance to help a person stay away from alcohol and end their addiction. They try to change the way person views life and their addiction and give them the tools to stay away from alcohol in the future.

Many 12-step programs have daily or weekly meetings to provide support for those suffering from an alcohol addiction. They can provide people to talk to and guidance when we struggle to try to end our addiction.

How Rehab Works

Other addicts will choose to attend rehab facilities to help end their addiction. These are often more intensive than 12-step programs. They also provide trained and medical professionals to help support our recovery instead of only everyday people. The programs are filled with counseling and therapy to get to the root of the addiction and then give the tools to help end our dependence on alcohol.

There is inpatient rehab, where a person lives at a facility. There is also outpatient care, where a person visits a facility but leaves at the end of the day.

Which Is Best For Me?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to ending our addiction to alcohol. Some people feel 12-step programs are best because it can be done on their schedule and their choosing. It also doesn’t require a break from the traditional world or much of a cost. However, it doesn’t come with trained professionals to help us in our journey.

Rehab can be a great option for many as it provides more medical support and guidance in our journey to recovery. But some people are put off by the price or needing to break away from the traditional world. Understand that rehab is more affordable than many think and there are ways to lower the cost.

If you are ready to end your alcohol addiction, reach out to our staff at Holland Pathways today. They can talk to you about your situation and some of the different treatment options.