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Choosing a Detox? Six Key Questions to Ask

Although unpleasant, detoxing from drugs and alcohol doesn’t have to be unbearable. Find the right place and your experience can set you up for long-term recovery. When considering a detox program, there are certain requirements to look for. When you find a facility that meets all the prerequisites, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Read on to learn the six key questions to vet any potential detox center,


1. Is the Facility Accredited?

First and foremost, when considering a detox program, make sure it is accredited. Accreditation guarantees that the facility is up to the industry standards and is regularly inspected for quality and safety. Specifically look for accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and the Joint Commission (JCAHO). These two accrediting bodies are the gold standard in the addiction treatment industry. If a facility is not accredited by CARF or JCAHO, consider looking elsewhere. 


2. What Medical Services and Staff Are Available?

It is important to find out what medical services are provided during the detox process as well as the number and type of medical staff they have on hand. Will there be medical professionals monitoring clients 24/7? Is medication used to manage withdrawal symptoms? Will each individual meet with a doctor during their stay? How well equipped is the facility for medical complications? A quality, comprehensive detox facility will offer around-the-clock medical supervision and services. 


3. What Therapies and Counseling Are Available?

Managing physical withdrawal symptoms, while primary, is not the only objective of detox. The other piece of the puzzle is educating the individual on the disease of addiction and addressing any underlying problems. Once medically stable, success detox programs will encourage and provide counseling and therapy. Ask about the evidence-based therapies being used. 


4. Are Aftercare Services Available?

Detox is often just the first part of the recovery process. Aftercare services provide continuing care options to individuals that want to, or need to, continue the treatment process after discharge. Aftercare planning can range from setting up outpatient treatment and resources for support groups, to admission into a residential treatment facility. Each person’s journey is unique. The goal of aftercare services is to help individuals maintain sobriety and find long-term recovery. 


5. What is the Program’s Success Rate and How is it Measured?

Historically it has been quite difficult for detox facilities to determine their success rate with certainty. However, as insurance companies are requiring more data to provide coverage, most programs are tracking long term outcomes of their clients - including success rates. It’s worth asking the facility for any information they can provide on success rates; even if they can’t give you an exact number. Also ask them what that metric is based on. Is success an individual who stays sober for 6 months after detox? 1 year? 5 years? On the flip side, be wary of programs that advertise guaranteed results or promises anything that sounds too good to be true. 


6. What Insurance Coverage Looks Like?

Asking what insurances your desired detox center is in-network with can save you a lot of money and trouble. While most detox programs work with insurance, not all of them work the same ones. Confirm that your insurance can be used for detox services before admitting. It’s also wise to ask what historical coverage looks like for plans similar to yours. Knowing what your financial responsibilities will be prior to admitting will ease concerns and allow for a smoother experience. If insurance coverage is non-existent, ask about self-pay costs and scholarship availability. 


Now that you know what questions to ask, hopefully you feel more informed and comfortable in finding a detox for yourself or a loved one. Detoxing can seem scary and overwhelming. Finding the appropriate place will provide comfort and guidance during the detox process. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and need help, call Holland Pathways today. Our detox program is comprehensive and our experienced staff are ready to answer any questions you may have.