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Do You Have to Pay for Rehab? Aetna Insurance & 3 Other Options

Most people never expect to fall victim to alcohol or drug addiction. But the disease can hit people in all walks of life. Addiction does not care if you are blue collar or white collar, old or young, male or female. It can hit anyone. The first thing to remember is that it is a disease, not some type of failure.

The good news is that when someone is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, they can get help. There are professionals and other people who want to provide support in the recovery effort. They want to see people get sober and start the road to recovery.

There are many different rehab options and it can be scary when presented with all the possibilities. Many will wonder if they have to pay for rehab. Or if insurance will cover the bill? Here are some answers if you ever wondered, “do I have to pay for rehab?”

Aetna Insurance For Rehab

Many workers in the Wichita, Kansas, area get health insurance through their workplace. Aetna health insurance is one of the main providers for employees in the area.

Aetna insurance does cover some of the cost of rehab. The company, like many other insurance providers, must contribute some level of service to help alcohol addiction. That was a requirement when the Affordable Care Act passed in 2008. Though, the exact coverage will depend on the person’s insurance plan. But Aetna is likely to cover some of the costs of inpatient and outpatient rehab stays.

Aetna will help cover services such as a primary health care visit, inpatient hospital statements and residential treatment programs.

So, if you are concerned about the full cost of rehab, don’t fret. Aetna will at least help cover some costs as you get started on the path to sobriety.

Other Insurances For Rehab

Most major insurance providers are required by law to provide some coverage for alcohol addiction treatment. The exact nature of the coverage and what will be paid depends on the company’s program and the patient’s plan. It is best to check with your provider on the nature of coverage for rehab treatment.

Medicaid/Medicare Coverage For Rehab

The federal programs for healthcare, Medicaid and Medicare, can cover the cost of rehab. Though, like private insurance, the exact amount of coverage depends on the coverage and the person’s home state. Medicaid will help pay for in-patient care, long-term residential treatment, detox, screenings, intervention and a host of other programs.

Getting Help With Paying For Rehab

Even if insurance doesn’t cover the full cost, there are various groups that help provide scholarships or grants to help pay for rehab for alcohol and drug addiction. Some facilities also offer their own scholarships to help patients get sober. According to, individual providers are the main scholarship agencies.

There are also private foundations that can help provide money to cover the cost. One group, 10,000 Beds, gave away $1 million in scholarships in 2016, according to