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Does UMR Have Alcohol Rehab Insurance? Fact vs. Fiction

When it comes time for treatment for an alcohol addiction, it can be scary. We don’t know where to turn or which facilities are the best. We also worry about people finding out or how we will afford it. A quick Google search shows that some places estimate the cost of rehab at $3,000, $5,000 or even $25,000.

Those figures scare some people from even trying to break the cycle of addiction.

They give up people getting the help they need to treat their alcoholism and start a sober life. It’s disheartening to see people give up on getting the help they need so easily and before they even find out if it is true.

Don’t become one of those people. Understand that alcohol rehab is more reasonable in cost than you may realize. One way to help people afford rehab is by using their health insurance to help fund the cost. That includes major providers such as UnitedHealthcare or UMR.

Here are some facts and some busted myths about using health insurance for rehab.

Fact: Insurance Can Help Cover Cost

Federal law requires health insurance providers such as UMR to pay for alcohol rehab. However, the exact amount can depend on the plan. Not every plan covers the same amount or offers the same services. It is best to check with UnitedHealthcare or your employer provider to find out exactly what is covered under your plan.

Fiction: You Will Be Limited In Facilities

Many believe if they use their UMR health insurance for alcohol rehab, that they will be limited in facilities. They will be forced into a crowded care center that is backed by the insurance. In reality, many rehab centers take health insurance to cover the cost. Your insurance provider can give information on which facilities will accept your plan.

Fact: Health Insurance Can Pay For Many Treatment Programs

Health insurance providers will cover many of the costs for various parts of treatment. That includes inpatient rehab when a person lives at the care facility or outpatient care, where they visit but return at the home of the day. Insurance can also pay for treatment such as detox and ongoing care so people can stay on a sober path.

Fiction: My Employer Will Find Out

Many people get health insurance through their workplace. That leads them to believe if they use your UMR insurance for alcohol rehab that their boss will find out. That isn’t true. Your boss can’t find out about your health care unless you give them permission. So, without your consent, your boss won’t know what you use your health insurance to help cover.

Fact: You Can Get Started Today

Many people want to help you get treatment for your alcoholism and start your recovery. Feel free to reach out to our staff at Holland Pathways today to talk about your alcohol addiction and to find out about using UMR health insurance to pay for rehab. You can start your sober life and it doesn’t have to break the bank!