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Does Aetna Have Alcohol Rehab Insurance? What You Need to Know

When our drinking gets out of control, it can impact nearly aspect of our life. It can cause problems in our home life with our spouse or partner. We might neglect our kids, or worse, treat them in ways we should not. Our alcohol addiction can cause problems at work if we show up late or don’t perform at our best.

It might even land us behind bars with a DUI or other alcohol-related charge.

That is when we hit bottom and know we need help to break our addiction. Many will turn to rehab to help break the cycle of addiction to alcohol. But we are concerned about the potential cost. The good news is that many can use their health insurance to help cover the cost of alcohol rehab. That includes Aetna, one of the biggest health insurance providers, that many of us get through our workplace.

Alcoholism By The Numbers

An estimated 29.5 million people in the U.S. have had an alcohol use disorder, according to federal data. That is good for nearly 10 percent of the entire population. About 16.6 million men had an alcohol use disorder or alcoholism. While about 13 million suffered from the disease.

About 60 million people said they participated in binge drinking in the last month, according to the survey. That included 995,000 teens and youth.

Rehab Options

When you need to stop drinking, you can turn to rehab for help. There, trained staff will help you break the cycle of addiction and get started on the road to recovery. There are two main types of rehab options. One is called inpatient care, which is when you live at the treatment facility. This is what many people envision when they think of the word “rehab.” The other is outpatient care. This program offers similar therapy and counseling, but the patient returns home at the end of the day.

Outpatient care allows someone to keep a job or their family responsibilities while getting treatment.

Paying For Alcohol Rehab

Federal law requires health insurance providers, including Aetna, to cover some of the cost of alcohol addiction treatment. That includes aspects such as detox, where the alcohol is safely removed from your system, and rehab care. Many health insurance providers will also cover the cost of aftercare so you can stay on the road to recovery.

So, yes, you can use your Aetna health insurance to cover alcohol rehab.

But the big thing to remember is there is no blanket coverage. Every plan is a bit different in what they offer, and not all cover the same amount or treatment options. That includes Aetna, which offers dozens of plans. So, it is best to check with your healthcare provider on what they will cover when it comes time to pay for alcohol rehab.

Get Help Today

Reach out to our staff at Holland Pathways today to talk about how drinking has impacted your life. Our caring staff can also discuss treatment options and using your Aetna health insurance to pay for alcohol rehab.