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UMR Coverage for Drug Rehab: What You Need to Know

When we fall victim to a drug addiction, it can be scary. We can lose ourselves and who we are chasing the next high. It seems like nothing else matters. It is all we can think about.

We can also see our health get worse and our mental health slip. We know something is wrong, even if it is only in the back of our minds.

But then we decide to get help. It can be liberating to decide to break the cycle of addiction and start the road to recovery. That moment can also lead to more scary moments. We worry about if we can afford drug rehab and how we will pay for it. The good news is that many people can use their health insurance to pay for rehab.

That includes UnitedHealthcare or UMR insurance. Many plans provide coverage for rehab for drugs and here is what you need to know about using health insurance to break your addiction.

Federal Law And Rehab Insurance

When the Affordable Care Act passed, it required health insurance providers to offer some level of coverage for drug and alcohol rehab. That included major providers such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield and UMR.

The law makes it easier for people with a drug addiction to get the help they need. They can now get some help in paying for therapy and support so they can start their sober life.

Finding About Your Plan

But the big disclaimer with using health insurance to pay for drug rehab is that every plan and every provider is different. There is no streamlined process on what exactly is covered and for how much.

That includes UMR health insurance. It is best to contact your provider or plan administrator to find out about your options. They can provide information on what parts of drug rehab UMR insurance will cover and for how much. That way, there are no surprises when it comes time to pay for your drug rehab program.

What Is Covered

Many health insurance plans will cover various steps in the recovery process. Most will cover detox, where the drugs are removed from a person’s system in a healthy way and under medical supervision. Plans will also cover inpatient care, where a person lives at a rehab facility while receiving care. There is also outpatient care, where a person gets the care they need but lives at home while receiving treatment.

Many plans will also cover ongoing care, such as therapy or telehealth, so you can stay on the road to recovery as you live in the traditional world. They can give you the skills to deal with triggers or someone to talk with if there are issues.

How To Find A Rehab Center

When it comes time to find a facility that takes your UMR health insurance plan, reach out to your provider. They often can direct you to facilities in your area that can provide care under UMR.

You can also reach out to our staff at Holland Pathways. They can talk to you about your drug addiction and treatment options. They can also discuss using UMR health insurance to pay for drug rehab and what is covered under your plan.