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How to Pay for Rehab: BCBS Insurance, Financing, & Other Options

When it comes time to find a rehab facility, the cost can make a lot of people worry. Figures such as $3,000, $10,000 and even $100,000 are shown online as the cost of rehab for drugs or alcohol. It is probably one of the reasons many people facing addiction decide not to get the help they need.

Don’t worry, while the numbers seem high that isn’t what many people pay. There are numerous options to help people suffering from addiction cover the cost of rehab. Insurance providers such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield are required to help pay for some rehab treatments. There are also scholarships, financing and other options to help people start the road to recovery.

Addiction To Drugs And Alcohol By The Number

The first thing to remember if you suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction is that it is a disease. It is not a failure or something that only happens to certain people. It can take hold of any person’s life, no matter the background. You are not alone.

Addiction is far more common than many people realize. According to the Cleveland Clinic, over 20 million people have a substance use disorder. About three out of four of those people had an alcohol use disorder. Roughly 12% of people had both a drug use disorder and an alcohol use disorder.

Substance use disorders is highest in people between 18 and 25 years old.

How to Pay?

Some addicts worry about rehab insurance or paying for the cost of their treatment. But many health insurance providers will help cover at least some of the cost. That includes Blue Cross/Blue Shield or BCBS, which provides health insurance to many employees through their workplace. The amount covered by private insurance varies from agency to agency, and plan to plan.

It is best to check with your insurance provider about what they will cover and how much, but most will help pay for treatments such as detox or rehab for drugs and alcohol.

Other Rehab Payment Options

If rehab insurance, such as through BCBS, doesn’t help pay for entire the cost for rehab, there are other options available. Many facilities will offer financing programs for patients so they can get the support they need. The facility will work out an agreement where a person agrees to pay back the money over a certain period. That way an addict of drugs and alcohol does not have to pay the entire cost upfront.

Many centers will also offer scholarships to help people cover the cost. Contact an individual facility to find out if they offer grants to help people in recovery. There are also private groups that provide scholarships to help those in recovery.

Please reach out to our staff at Holland Pathways today to find out about our treatment options and how to break the cycle of addiction. Our staff can also provide information about rehab insurance and paying for treatment.